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Make-over: a chill place for the children in the garden

Create a border

Marcel and Cindy’s daughters are given their own place in the garden. Tom makes this by placing a pergola with two hanging chairs and a hammock. Tom must first place two beams for this.

To place the beams, Tom takes a number of tiles from the garden. He uses the tiles he removes to create a border. This time Tom makes the border stand out above the other tiles for a more playful effect in the garden.

You can also choose to do the border a bit lower, as this ensures that the rainwater can drain away better.

If you are going to cut a concrete tile, it is best to do it with a grinder with diamond blade. Draw a line on the tile. This line disappears quickly so saw it first so you know where to cut. Then saw it all the way through.

TIP: Use water when grinding tiles. You do this to cool the leaf, but also because a lot of dust is released. When it is wet, this does not fly in your face so quickly.

Making a pergola with two hanging chairs and a hammock

Tom chooses two heavy oak posts for the pergola. They must be well anchored because there will be a swing and a hammock. Therefore, make sure that at least 1/3 of the post is in the ground.

The post that you are standing in the ground will then strengthen Tom with bags of quick concrete. It’s incredibly easy but it cures really quickly. So you have to work hard before it is too late.

Now that the two posts are up, the sleepers can go on. Tom chooses to give the sleepers some extra reinforcement because there is a lot of pressure on the sleepers. He does this by placing two blocks in the corners. He then hangs the hanging chairs and the hammock from the beam with large hooks.

More green in the garden

When Marcel and Cindy came to live in their house, they decided to go gardening. But they didn’t really have green fingers. That is why Tom also brought some plants for the garden.

Tom is the first to place an olive tree. You see these more and more in the Netherlands because they can withstand the Dutch climate. Will it freeze? Pack it in a burlap bag.

He brings a little holiday feeling by placing a Mountain Pine (Pinus mugo). For a little more color, Tom opts for Japanese blood grass (Imperata). This plant colors from green to red. Tom also places two step tiles so that you can easily walk everywhere.

With the pergola in the garden it is very easy to place a climbing plant. The Wisteria (Wisteria) is ideal as a climbing plant. It blooms in May and has very impressive flowers. It can grow up to 8 to 10 meters long.


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