Maker iOS app Clubhouse hires Android developer

Mopewa Ogundipe tweeted Tuesday that she just finished her first day. “If you know me, you know I have opinions about iOS-only apps,” she writes.

“Very excited to be helping the team get the party started on Android.” Audioapp Clubhouse has been around since March last year, but can currently only be used by iPhone owners with a subscription.

It is not yet known when the Android version should be ready.

Clubhouse is growing fast

The talk app saw huge jumps in membership this month, adding 4.6 million users in the first sixteen days of February. The app is especially popular in the United States, United Kingdom, Germany, Japan, Turkey and Brazil.

Clubhouse makes it possible to hold live conversations in separate digital rooms. It is only about audio chats, and the conversations cannot be heard back later.


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