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Making your home childproof: objects that can be dangerous


Let’s be honest: making an apartment or house childproof can be quite overwhelming. There are dangerous objects in practically every room – and that includes those that you might never think of. We spoke to five pediatricians about how they made their homes childproof when they had young children of their own.

They suggested going step by step and moving around the apartment at the baby’s eye level. They also acknowledged that it’s a learning curve for everyone – even trained pediatricians. “Even if you think you did a really good job with parental controls, there are still ways to keep you busy,” said Krupa Playforth, a Virginia, US, pediatrician and mother of two.

From long tablecloths to button batteries, here are 23 items that you should think twice about buying.

23 tips from pediatricians to make the home safe for children

This article was translated from English by Steffen Bosse. You can find the original here.


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