Man stays at Chicago airport for months | Abroad

Aditya Singh flew from his hometown of Los Angeles to Chicago on October 19 for unknown reasons. It did not come from a return: the fear of becoming infected with the corona virus on the return flight was too great. This is why the traveler recently spent time at the airport in Chicago. Passers-by would have provided Singh with the necessary food every now and then. That way he could stay at the airport in recent months.

Found badge

In the end Singh fell through the basket. When he had to identify himself, he pointed to the personnel badge that he had around his neck. This badge was reported missing on October 26. As a result, there was no way to fool the airport staff. Singh says he has found the badge.

The BBC reports that Judge Susana Ortiz was baffled that Singh was able to spend such a long time at the airport without being discovered.

The airport lodge did not have a criminal record, but must appear in court at the end of January for entering a prohibited area.


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