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Manhattan will also be locked in “21 Bridges” Movie

To get the two shooters, he wants to lock Manhattan by closing all 21 access bridges. “And then we flood the island with blue,” the voice sounds cool. If the mayor and the FBI agree, the manhunt begins. But soon Davis is opposed from his own corps. Why?

After large, effective spectacles like Black Panther and The Avengers had to show whether Chadwick Boseman can survive outside the superhero universe. The actor proves that he succeeds 21 Bridges, can be streamed via Amazon Prime Video from tomorrow. In this dark and grim, but entertaining genre work Boseman races through New York at night like a fury.

That the two copkillers need little compassion is evident from the comic book-like one-liners that our righteous servant uses inappropriately. “My medal is the spearhead of justice,” is Davis’s credo in this film by director Brian Kirk (Luther, Game of thrones) that portrays all the action stylishly and at a fast pace. It is not innovative at all, but it does get boring looking away 21 Bridges not for a moment.

Eric le Duc


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