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Manufacturer still makes food on packaging healthier than it is

Manufacturers are stubborn when it comes to nutrition. The Consumers’ Association states that many products are still presented as healthy, while the food is anything but.

Manufacturers still use claims, images and names to give their products a healthy image. In this way they put consumers on the wrong track, according to the Consumentenbond. The union calls it tricks.

Examples of misleading nutrition

Several examples were presented this morning. Crackers from the appealing sounding Vitalu, for example. They have a grain stalk on the packaging and the claim: ‘deliciously nutritious cracker’. “That sounds healthy, but the cracker contains so much sugar that it is more like a biscuit,” reports the Consumentenbond. A bowl of Albert Heijn seaweed salad, another thing. “That would be ‘natural, tasty and healthy’, but it contains no less than 12 grams of sugars.” And also: Vifit Good morning! “This breakfast drink praises itself with the claim ‘deliciously healthy with breakfast or just in between’. But this drink contains more sugar than grains. ”

Learning about nutrition

Sandra Molenaar, Director of the Consumer Association: “We keep finding new examples of so-called healthy products. Manufacturers are apparently quite staunch. And that is why we continue to address them about this. At the same time, we continue to press for measures in The Hague and Brussels. It is hopeful that the European Commission will again start working on nutrient profiles. This means that many of the claims are no longer allowed on products that contain a lot of sugar, fat or salt. ”

Response manufacturers: lax or far-fetched

The Consumers’ Association also asked the manufacturers for a response. “Some manufacturers appear to be lax, such as Friesland Campina,” the organization reports. “He says about the Vifit Good morning !:” Despite our careful processes, something went wrong with this liter packaging and yet the word ‘healthy’ is written on the packaging. Or Albert Heijn about the seaweed salad: ‘About the claim’ Natural, tasty and Healthy ‘that is online, we must say that it should not have been posted’. ” Albert Heijn has since removed the claim.

Other manufacturers come up with a far-fetched statement according to the Consumers’ Association when it comes to their food. For example, the manufacturer of the Vitalu crackers whitewashed the large amount of sugar with ‘The Vitalu cracker multi-seeds can also be eaten without jam or chocolate spread thanks to its sweet taste’.

Clearer labels

A recent survey – at the beginning of January – by the Consumers’ Association shows that almost seven in ten consumers think that labels should indicate more clearly whether food is healthy or not. Molenaar: “Manufacturers should investigate more closely what consumers expect from the label before putting a product on the market.”

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Manufacturer still makes food on packaging healthier than it is


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