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A lot of responses to our question whether you have already booked a summer holiday. In summary, we can say that many have already done so, even though: see first, then believe!

For example, Carine Rijnen booked a few weeks ago. “We want to fly to Corfu in mid-September. For the time being a good prospect, hopefully it will be possible then. ”

Gerrit Bos has set his sights on a distant holiday. “We hope to be able to travel to Asia by the summer. If not, we’ll just stay home again. ”

Others prefer to travel once they have been vaccinated against corona. “I would like to travel again after I have been vaccinated. First I want my money back from the Corendon voucher. I’ve been waiting for it for almost a year, scandalous! ” writes Inca de Graaff.

Jeroen van den Kieboom wanted to propose to his girlfriend Bianca on Santorini last year. “I had already thought of everything. Dinner on the beach and the proposal. Unfortunately that did not happen. I got through to her afterwards All you need is love asked. We have postponed the trip to May 2021 but don’t think we can. We wait patiently. ”

Cruise from Italy

My wife and I are going by plane to Italy (Trieste) at the end of July. There we take a cruise to Amsterdam. We will then be on the road for three weeks. The hotel and the cruise boat have been booked, the plane not yet.

R. Sloots

Summer 2022

Normally a summer vacation was planned. Yet we only booked 14 days in Greece for next year with the kids and son-in-law. Assume the corona thing is over by then.

Arturo Rosa Gastaldo

Little hope

In May 2020 we decided to book a camper trip to Canada for the summer of 2021. In September 2020 we still secured the flight tickets with good courage. Somehow, we still have a little bit of hope that it can continue this year.

Astrid Booi

Sunny Israel

Just like last year (then it was canceled) we want to go to Israel again in September for a sunny holiday. We expect that both the Netherlands and Israel will be vaccinated by then. We therefore estimate that a holiday will be possible again in 2021.

Arjan ter Avest

Question mark

In 2019 we booked a cruise for June 2020 but it was canceled due to corona. We received vouchers instead. We exchanged these last July for the same trip in June 2021. But as it looks now, the question is whether this will continue.

Gerrit De Man


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