Many websites and apps offline due to a major outage at Amazon

The problems arise with Amazon Web Services (AWS), the company reports on its site. Amazon offers cloud servers to companies for their sites, apps and other services.

Complaints about problems are therefore pouring into the Down Detector site. Amazon services are currently unavailable, but for example the game Pokémon Game and the Roomba robot vacuum cleaners from iRobot are currently not working.

In addition, there are problems with photo site Flickr, some cloud services from Adobe and podcast service Anchor. Operators of these services say they are in contact with Amazon to resolve the outage, but no one knows exactly when this was completed.

Great cloud player

Amazon is one of the largest providers of cloud servers in the world, which means that a large part of the websites worldwide are hosted by the company.

The problems come as Amazon prepares for very big buzz in its web store due to the Black Friday bargain fest.


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