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Marble Mania Burned Down On Twitter: ‘Total Debilization Of TV Shows’

Well, Marble Mania. Playing marbles with celebrities, Jack van Gelder as commentator and Winston Gerschtanowitz as presenter. As many as 1.4 million people watched. Is the lockdown really taking too long or are we giving it a second chance? TV viewers went wild on Twitter and a lot of them were merciless.

The concept initially comes from the brothers Jelle and Dion Bakker. Jelle is autistic and has been building the most bizarre and extensive marble jobs from an early age. Dion came up with competition with teams and his own YouTube channel Jelle’s Marble Run. This became a worldwide hit, and let’s be honest: the YouTube account is addictive. But what’s left of it when this is packaged in a plastic format with celebrities?

Marble Mania is a party without its creators

Well, at least not the inventors. It hurts Jelle too much to watch the SBS program, he said earlier De Gelderlander. Initially, the two brothers were still involved Marble Maniaafter all, it’s their concept. But in the end they could not agree with a proposal from John de Mol. The brothers do not want to comment on its content.

Commentator Jack van Gelder said yesterday Subway that there is “excellent contact” with Jelle and that he will also be on the program. “The TV format originated from his ideas. His YouTube channel will be in Marble Mania also come forward. ”

Twitter is getting loose

Many people on Twitter are not satisfied with the marble program with celebrities. The emphasis of Marble Mania lies on lackluster game elements, while the marble tracks themselves are underexposed, viewers think. “I have the feeling that I am watching Wesley Sneijder’s birthday party”, someone responds.

An overview of the responses.

There were also positive viewers.

Next week Simon Keizer, Nick Schilder and Kees Tol will make way for Ronald de Boer, Giovanni van Bronckhorst and Wesley Sneijder.

Episode 1 of Marble Mania view it here.

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Marble Mania is a sluggish party without the creators


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