Marc-Marie Huijbregts not happy with TV Kantine pariflage

Tonight there is finally a new episode of it The TV Canteen waiting for us, which also makes RTL Boulevard believe. The program has been able to imitate all kinds of celebrities spot-on for years and Marc-Marie Huijbregts, among others, is a regular for the high-profile program. Yet the television maker is not at all happy with that. “It is especially annoying that he always says in interviews how annoying he is to imitate me. That he likes me the least. Then I think: just don’t do it? Because I don’t care at all,” he says. in the podcast.

He also says that he also disagrees with how his appearance is imitated. “He’s always a bit mean. It seemed like I died, then was dug up. Then to the burns center and then back for the shoots. That’s what I looked like. It was super ugly.”

The producer of The TV Canteen let RTL Boulevard know that Carlo always really enjoys playing Marc-Marie. “All we want to say about it at the moment, given our busy recording period of The TV Canteen, is that Marc-Marie is one of Carlo’s favorite characters to play. “

The TV Canteen has been known for years for his hilarious parodies of many celebrities. RTL Boulevard is not spared either: the imitation of our expert Nikkie Plessen is even one of the most famous moments in the program.


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