Marc-Marie tackles Henk Krol firmly in Ranking The Stars

The celebrities had to meet tendrils to the question: “Who will we find first in the White House?” In any case, it is clear who we will not see again, and that is Henk Krol. The politician has put himself in tenth place and says he has ‘nothing to look for’ there. That remark goes down the wrong way with Marc-Marie: “But, that’s your profession.”

“What should I do there?” Henk asks Marc-Marie. According to the comedian, it is clear: “Whatever you should have done here”, referring to his political career. Marc-Marie himself has put the politician in first place, but has a side note: “Via scheming and crawling.”

Gerda Havertong was also present again and she knows how to silence Marc-Marie. The Sesame Street celebrity explains that she thinks Henk is ‘off the truth’. A great way to call someone a liar. When Marc-Marie Gerda wants to improve because, according to him, she has not understood the question correctly, the actress bites back. “It’s your language and I learned it well.”

Ranking The Stars can be seen every Wednesday evening at 8:30 PM on RTL 5 and Videoland.

Tony Junior was also there on this episode and spoke candidly about his split with Maan, you can see that below.


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