Marc Van Ranst spoke with Conner Rousseau (sp.a) about ministry

The rumors that the sp.a thought of Marc Van Ranst as Minister of Health appear to be correct. In Humo, the virologist explains that he spoke to sp.a chairman Conner Rousseau about the position.

When it became clear that sp.a in the government of Alexander De Croo (Open Vld) was allowed to supply the Minister of Health, many people thought of the well-known virologist Marc Van Ranst. When sp.a chairman Conner Rousseau then said he would come up with “a bomb”, those rumors only grew further.

Ultimately, it was Frank Vandenbroucke who made his comeback as Minister of Health. Nevertheless, there was indeed talk with Marc Van Ranst. In an interview with Humo, the virologist admits that he spoke to Rousseau about ministry.

Dog style

“I’ve learned not to rule out anything, and I certainly don’t feel like I couldn’t – I am that arrogant – but I now also see what a dog house it is. Politicians are reviled, insulted and vomited, ”says Van Ranst.

“I think it’s a dangerous situation. I know smart people who would rather stick needles in their eyes than consider going into politics. In the long term, this will not lead to better management, ”he continues. Ultimately, Van Ranst decided not to accept the offer. Naturally, as a corona expert, he still works closely with the government.


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