March update gives Windows 11 new features

On Patch Day, Microsoft is delivering security updates and improvements for Windows 11. Here is the most important information.

On Patch Day in March 2022, Microsoft will patch a total of over 70 security gaps in Windows 10, Windows 11 and various other products, including three zero-day gaps, as can be seen on this Microsoft website. Even Windows 7 and Windows 8 get security updates. The update KB5011493 is available for Windows 11, which contains various new functions and improvements in addition to the security updates. You can get the update either via Windows Update or here in the Microsoft Update Catalog for manual installation.

With KB5011493, the build number of Windows 11 increases from 22000.493 to 22000.556. In the release notes, Microsoft points out, among other things, that cookies can now be shared between IE Mode and Edge in Microsoft Edge. Also fixed a bug with dialog boxes in IE mode.

Reset bug is fixed

According to Microsoft, KB5011493 also fixes a recently disclosed bug that, under certain circumstances, does not delete all personal files when resetting Windows 11. We reported about the error here: Data protection problem – Windows reset does not delete all files

Microsoft explains that KB5011493 is “a known issue [behebt]when trying to reset a Windows device and its applications have folders that contain repaired data, such as Microsoft OneDrive or Microsoft OneDrive for Business. Selecting ‘Remove everything’ may not delete files downloaded from Microsoft OneDrive or locally synced. For some devices, it may take up to seven days after installing this update for the issue to be fully resolved and the files to be gone after a reset. For immediate effect, you can manually trigger the Windows Update Troubleshooter using the instructions in the Windows Update Troubleshooter.”

Time/date on all monitors and other improvements

But this change is much more exciting: If several screens are connected to a Windows 11 computer, the time and date are now displayed on all monitors at the bottom right of the taskbar. A feature that we have sorely missed since the start of Windows 11. Microsoft calls the change a “bug fix”, so it was obviously a mistake that this Windows 10 feature was no longer included in Windows 11. And this has now been corrected.

Windows 11 now shows weather info in the lower left corner of the taskbar


Windows 11 now shows weather info in the lower left corner of the taskbar

As a further innovation, the current weather information is displayed in the taskbar at the bottom left. Under Windows 10, this information is displayed at the bottom right of the taskbar and now Windows 11 users also receive this information. When the user hovers over the live weather content, the widget bar will appear. As soon as he moves the mouse pointer away from the weather icon, the bar is hidden. This allows a quick look at current information, which the user can display in the personalized widget bar.

At a glance, the user can now also see the weather at their location on the Windows 11 desktop. Microsoft announces that in the future even more live content could be displayed in the lower left side of the taskbar. More details will only be available at a later date.

Hotkey restarts graphics driver

In the release notes for KB5011493, Microsoft also refers to a hotkey that not all Windows 11 users may be familiar with. With Windows key + Ctrl + Shift + B, Windows 11 triggers a restart of the graphics card driver. This hotkey can be useful if there are display problems or a black screen. Instead of restarting the entire computer, the user can first use this hotkey.

We present other cool Windows 11 functions in this clip:

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