Marco Bakker considered stepping out of life after a car accident

Marco Bakker (82) says he reveals himself completely in his new biography ‘Marco Bakker: the complete story’, which will be published on Tuesday. In the book, written by Harrie Nijen Twilhaar, he looks back on his personal life and career. “I thought about it for a long time because old wounds would also be opened again”, he says in ‘De Telegraaf’.

The baritone also looks back on the car accident on the parking deck of the Amsterdam ArenA in 1997, in which a then 38-year-old was killed. The cruise control would not have worked well and he would also have drunk too much to be allowed behind the wheel. Bakker then fell into a deep trough. “I even thought about moving to another country. Moreover, I have known moments when I wanted to get out of life.”

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The accident changed the 82-year-old as a human. “I have become milder, more vulnerable. I still carry the deepest sorrow for the next of kin with me every day. I lost everything”, he says. After the accident, he lost his place at the then broadcaster TROS, which he broadcasts from Music from Thousands had made. “The broadcaster spoke of image damage if I appeared on the screen for longer. That was extremely painful.”

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His wife, actress Willeke van Ammelrooy, pulled him through. “That took years. Fortunately I recovered. It is also Willeke’s merit.” The two have been together for 43 years. “The love between us remains the best lubricant. We have been able to understand each other to this day.”

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