Mariah Carey now also sued by brother after autobiography

Mariah Carey released an autobiography in September 2020. It got the name The Meaning of Mariah Carey, but was not received equally positively by everyone. For example, Alison, the sister of Mariah Carey, already sued the singer because her image is violated in the memoirs. And now Morgan Carey is also suing his sister for what she writes about him in her autobiography.

Mariah Carey is taken to court by her brother, Morgan. He does not think it is possible that his sister describes him as violent and criminal. Because of her erroneous claims, he says he has endured “extreme mental fears” and his “reputation has been seriously damaged”.

Violent and criminal

In The Meaning of Mariah Carey says it took “12 police officers” to separate the singer’s father and brother. But Morgan Carey insists that his sister made up that “vicious fight”. Mariah Carey also wrote that she was abused by her brother when she was young.

In addition, Morgan is suing Mariah for excerpts in which she claims he wanted to rip off money from her after she became a world-famous singer and that he went “the criminal act”. He also sues co-author Michaela Angela Davis, the publisher and printer of the book.

Also sued by sister

Mariah Carey’s sister did the same thing about a month ago. Alison sued Mariah for telling in the book that she was drugged by Alison when she was barely 12 years old herself. At the time, Alison was 20 years old.

While drugged, Mariah was also taken on a “perilous car ride” with a boyfriend of one of the older sisters, who at the time had a gun in her pocket. Elsewhere in the book we read that Alison poured boiling hot tea over Mariah.


Alison is seeking damages of $ 1.25 million. That’s about a million euros. It is not known whether Morgan wants compensation from Mariah Carey.


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