Mario Day competition: 35 years of Super Mario and no end in sight

Today is March 10th, or as they say in the English-speaking world: March, 10th. Sometimes this is also abbreviated from Mar, 10th. MAR10 – and Mario Day is born. The Mario Wiki knows that the idea of ​​Mario Day did not come from Nintendo at all. Rather, it was a fan invention. It wasn’t until 2016 that Nintendo took over the idea and used it for its own purposes.

Since then there have also been some officially promoted projects that day. Sometimes a Mario Kart was fired via Google Maps, sometimes there were double coins when buying Mario games in the eShop. This year there is already quite a lot going on around our favorite plumber, which of course is on his 35th birthday. We’re celebrating with Super Mario 3D World + Bowser’s Fury *, Super Mario Bros. 35 and, last but not least, Super Mario 3D Allstars, about which a controversy arose because of the strange distribution stop.

Offers for MAR10-Day on Amazon:

Today we would like to celebrate a little with you by sharing special Super Mario experiences. I already told you about one of my special experiences on the occasion of the recent birthday of the Nintendo 64. The Nintendo 64 opened up the realm of the 3D video game world to me and when I was doing my laps with Mario in front of the castle for the first time, I excitedly called my father over to me. He has to look at it, it looks like “real”. Moving freely in a three-dimensional video game world was something special for me back then.

What was your first Super Mario game?

Most of you are likely to have had contact with Super Mario much earlier. What was your first Mario game? Super Mario RPG for SNES most likely not. As luck would have it, Super Mario RPG celebrated its 25th birthday yesterday. The SNES original did not appear in the West at the time, although Club Nintendo did so several times reported on the game. It was not published for the first time in Europe for the Wii Virtual Console until years later. It was later included on the SNES Mini.

Maybe your first Mario experience was on the GameBoy. Super Mario Land? Or was it Super Mario World on the SNES? One or the other probably grew up with the original Super Mario Bros. on NES. Super Mario Galaxy may have even missed some of you for not being that Wii fanatic. The game is considered one of the best in the series by fans. I’m actually playing it for the first time at the moment. Namely with the said and not undisputed Super Mario 3D Allstars Collection. Without question, Super Mario Galaxy is terrific – but on Super Mario Odyssey it doesn’t get past me (yet). Let’s see!

Competition for Mario Day

In keeping with the celebration of today’s Mario Day, we also have a nice competition for you. A few months ago came together what has actually belonged together for decades: Nintendo and LEGO. The result is a creative collection with LEGO to Super Mario.

The so-called “Adventure with Mario” starter set serves as the key to unlocking the entire game. This set is the only one to contain the interactive LEGO Mario character, who collects coins in the levels created with LEGO bricks. With this set as a base, you can then expand your collection as you wish. There are already countless great sets, including the “Builder Set for Your Own Adventures”, which was only released in January.

As luck would have it, we are giving away these two sets to all participants. Write an email to with the subject “Mario-Day” and tells us:

  • What was your first Mario game?

We wish you good luck! By the way: The price of the “Adventure with Mario” starter set on Amazon * has been reduced by 25% to EUR 44.99. A good opportunity to get in! All other Mario sets available can be found on the official LEGO website *. Including a very special set: a replica of the Nintendo Entertainment System *. Including TV, controller and even a Super Mario Bros. cartridge. That is where it all began.

Conditions of participation: You are at least 18 years old. The closing date for entries is Tuesday, March 16, 2021 at 10 p.m. Cash payment is excluded. Please submit with your participation email no personal data. The winner will be informed by a reply at the end of the competition and asked to provide his or her address. All emails will then be deleted.

Images: Nintendo, LEGO


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