Mario Kart is coming to PC

The latest version of the mobile Mario Kart offshoot contains information for a possible PC implementation.

Mario Kart for the PC will probably soon become reality in a “slimmed down” form. Hints were discovered in the mobile game “Mario Kart Tour” that Nintendo might be working on support for Windows systems

After the latest update to Mario Kart Tour, resourceful dataminers were able to discover that the game was given “mouse support” as an input method and a native emulation. And it doesn’t seem to be just for development purposes.

Google as a reason?

One of the main reasons could be that Google wants to start the “Google Play Games for PC” project this year. This project will allow playing Android games on PC with “high performance” emulation. You might be able to win Nintendo over to the launch with Mario Kart Tour.

Nothing is confirmed yet, but Mario Kart Tour would be a good launch title to launch with Google Play Games for PC. So if there’s a Mario Kart for PC in the foreseeable future, it’ll be an emulation of the Android version, but Nintendo is at least taking a first step – and what’s not yet may be.

For more on the original game, check out our dedicated article on it:

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