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Marion Pauw’s thriller Daylight becomes American series | Entertainment

Screenwriter Denise Hahn, known for hits like Grey’s Anatomy and CSI: Cyber, becomes executive producer. She incorporates her American-Korean background into the story. In the series, main character Iris is an American-Korean lawyer who discovers she has a half-brother who has been convicted of murder. When she learns that the killer has the same developmental disorder as her son, she investigates his case and becomes entangled in a web of corruption, family secrets and the myth of the “perfect immigrant.”

In addition to Denise Hahn, the American-Dutch producer will be among others Sofia Sondervan-Bild and Marion Pauw working on the series as executive producers. “I am very happy and proud,” says the writer. “The chance that a Dutch book will be edited into a series in America, and then also by a party like Fox, is incredibly small.”

Bestseller Daylight won the Gouden Strop in 2009 and has been translated in twelve countries. Publisher Harper-Collins released it in America in 2017 under the title Girl in the Dark. A Dutch cinema film, based on the book, was previously released with Angela Schijf in the lead. Marion Pauw’s new thriller, Bird Island, will be published by House of Books in April 2021.


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