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Marja Middeldorp gives advice: 3 tips for a sustainable household


According to Marja, everyone should have a hygrometer in their house. These only cost a few euros and warn against damp areas. With too much moisture in your room, mold will develop and this can cause furniture to break or mold. You then have to throw things away and that is just a shame!

Marja also advocates always airing your house properly. Fresh oxygen in a house can be heated much better than the air that is already inside. This also saves you energy costs. But of course you shouldn’t put up the window and leave the heating on!

A sock

In fact, most people use too many cleaning products. Too much all-purpose cleaner in a bucket is a shame and can also cause streaks that you don’t want at all. Marja recommends two tablespoons, that is enough. The best thing is, of course, not to use an all-purpose cleaner at all, because less cleaning agent has to be produced.

According to Marja you can also clean with a sock. Put it around your hand and rub the tiles, cabinets or mirrors. The heat from your hand ensures that all dirt is properly absorbed. Besides being super durable, it is also good for your arm muscles!

Washing machine

The biggest energy eater in the house is the washing machine, because it costs water and energy. In any case, you can already save energy by lowering the temperature, but the use of soap is also very important. Like detergent, most people use too much detergent. This can eventually affect your machine. Marja therefore has a tip for us: use soap granules with vinegar! Put one-third of the grain and two-thirds of vinegar in such a ball and wash! Do use natural vinegar, this is a natural product and therefore a sustainable choice.

We share a tip from Marja every week. If you want more advice, go to her website.


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