Market researcher: VW ID.3 best-selling electric car in Europe in October ahead of Renault Zoe

In its first full month, the Volkswagen ID.3, which is to mark the start of the group’s many new electric models on the same basis, sold better in Europe than any other electric car. This emerges from an overview by the market research company Jato Dynamics for October 2020. According to this, VW’s first electric car was recently registered a total of 10,475 times in 27 European countries and was ahead of the popular Renault electric car Zoe with 9778 new registrations. Tesla cannot be seen in the top ten, but that should change in the rest of the quarter.

Electric car share continues to rise

Overall, according to Jato Dynamics, the European car market clearly showed in October that the second wave of the coronavirus pandemic is in full swing. The number of new registrations was 7 percent lower than a year ago, which was the second lowest decrease in 2020, so there are also positive aspects. This applies in particular to electrified vehicles: for the second time in a row, more hybrid and purely electric cars have been sold than with a diesel drive, which still had a 26.3 percent market share.

According to Jato, the entire e-share in October 2020 was mainly driven by mild hybrids, whose registrations have more than quadrupled. But even pure electric cars were newly registered about twice as often as a year ago, in absolute numbers 71,800 units in October. With first place in all-battery vehicles and 29th place in total sales, the VW ID.3 shows, according to market researchers, that “the appetite for competitive and modern electric cars is increasing every day”. Unlike Tesla, about every second ID.3 is said to have been sold to fleet and corporate customers.

Tesla typically weak in October

In Germany, too, according to figures from the Federal Motor Transport Authority (KBA), there was a further increase in the proportion of electric cars to a new record – and here, too, VW and Renault made the race for the top among themselves. Interestingly, however, the French electric car Zoe, with a good 5000 new registrations, was on the VW home market, well ahead of the ID.3 with 2647. In October, only 252 electric cars from Tesla came onto German roads, 171 of which were Model 3 entire quarter, because Tesla usually only delivers larger quantities to foreign markets in the last month.


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