Martien and Maxime Meiland chased by fans on their own property

While father and daughter in the area of ​​Chateau Marillaux in their voiture looking for a suitable outdoor location for the photo shoot of Maxime’s clothing line, they spot a car that should not come near their premises at all. While the Meilandjes drive home, the Belgians in the other car give chase. They completely ignore the sign ‘private property’.

Martien and Maxime do not know what they are experiencing. “What are these people doing here?” Martien wonders aloud. “Look how fast they are chasing us. I keep going faster”, Maxime exclaims. “They have to stay in their car”, Martien continues. “When Bommel arrives, they will not be sure of their lives.” They decide to ignore the guests, but the damage has already been done. “This makes me feel really bad.”

Moments later it hits again. Dutch, this time. “Girl, there is a car”, Martien says in amazement while he is painting. “Who’s coming there again? Who is this? Again people who just come up the path … what a shit!” The lord of the castle does not think it normal that he cannot even move around in his own house. On his knees, he looks out the window of the gite, in the hope that the Dutch cannot see him. “They just try to come in here”, he says in disbelief. “Drink coffee, or wine. Look, it’s Sunday. We’re just working.”

A new guest who is welcome on the grounds of the Meilandjes, is the new flame of Maxime. Leroy has won her heart and the family is very happy to welcome him as a son-in-law.


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