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Marvel’s ‘Spider-Man 3’ gets title

The third movie in the Marvel series of Spider-Man coming. And it has finally been given a name. Spider-Man 3 shall Spider-Man: No Way Home called. The title was announced in a movie starring Tom Holland, Jacob Batalon and Zendaya, three actors from the movie.

Marvel Studios has announced the title for the upcoming movie in the Spider-Manseries. It will already be the third film about the superhero with Tom Holland in the lead role again.

Fake titles

In recent days, the actors turn off Spider-Man their fans on the wrong track. They did this by posting other titles on social media along with the first photos from the new film. The three photos each show the three actors, Tom Holland, Jacob Batalon and Zendaya.

That’s how Tom Holland shared the title Spider-Man: Phone Home:

At Jacob Batalon we got the title Spider-Man: Home-Wrecker:

And with Zendaya it sounded like Spider-Man: Home-Slice:

The three false titles had one word in common: Home. And that word is also reflected in the official title that has now been announced.

Spider-Man: No Way Home

With a video, Marvel now announces the real title of the film. The video shows the three actors trying to find out the real title of the movie. They will not hear it from director Jon Watts, because Tom Holland had spilled the previous title.

But the three of them walk past a sign in the video that says Spider-Man: No Way Home. And that’s the title of the movie. Spider Man: No Way Home will be released later this year, but an exact launch date is not yet available.

Watch the video in which the title is announced here:


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