Mary Borsato has to shovel poo for budget wedding

At the beginning of the episode, the lovebirds Sherien and Jaday talk about why they aren’t married yet. They start on a very emotional story, which means that Sherien cannot hold back her tears. “My mother passed away when I was six years old, so I had to leave home from an early age. From then on the worries actually started,” she says candidly. “Since I started with Jaday, I finally feel a connection with my family. And now I want to complete that.” The lady also tells us that there is a hurry behind it. “My father is very ill and he really shouldn’t be missing that evening. Just like my mother, but unfortunately she is no longer there.”

“The biggest reason we haven’t gotten married yet is because a tax liability has come up,” said Jerai. “Someone told the tax authorities that we have been living together from the beginning. Sherien then received a number of allowances – we did not live together at the time – and we are now allowed to repay those allowances over the past five years. very big blow. ” The two say that they have to live with their family of five on only fifty euros a week.

Like every episode, Mary takes the woman aside and Betty takes care of the man. What does the future bride want to look like? And the groom? Sherien says she prefers Marco Borsato as music at her wedding and Jaday has the perfect location in mind. The couple also wants to be taken to the location in the carriage … Will Mary and Betty manage to make their dream come true?

You can also see in the video below that Mary and Betty have the greatest fun together to organize these weddings.

Borsato’s Budget Wedding see you every Wednesday at 8.30pm RTL5.


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