Mary Borsato: ‘Leontine will always be my daughter-in-law’

Despite the fact that Marco and Leontine have been separated for more than a year, the singer posted a loving message on his Instagram today. The 54-year-old shared cuddly photos of him and Leontine together in better times especially on Valentine’s Day. ‘I miss you dear Tien’, he writes next to it. ‘Valentine’s Day is a day that your loved one can put your loved one in the limelight, anonymously or otherwise. Or at least let us know that you have thought of him or her. ‘ To conclude with a declaration of love: “She is still my Valentine!”

Mary Borsato also reacts to the breakup of her son and Leontine on this sad day. “Marco and Leontine are still separated, but for the children they are still together a lot and they see each other regularly. They also regularly speak to each other at parties, birthdays and parties”, Mary tells RTL Boulevard. “I learned from my own divorce with Roberto – Marco’s father – that the children should never have the pain of a divorce. I hope everyone shares love and thinks of others today on Valentine’s Day.”


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