Mask affair: Löbel’s own district association calls for his resignation

Member of the Bundestag Nikolas Löbel (CDU).

Member of the Bundestag Nikolas Löbel (CDU).


It gets lonely for Nikolas Löbel. After numerous parliamentary group colleagues and ministers distanced themselves from the CDU member of the Bundestag and demanded that he give up his Bundestag mandate, his own district association in Mannheim is now also distancing itself.

In a statement by the association, which is available to, it says: “The entire district executive of the CDU Mannheim was and is surprised, shocked and stunned by the events described. The commission-dependent brokerage of corona protective masks in the corona pandemic operated by Nikolas Löbel cannot be tolerated and requires consequences. We expressly condemn this behavior and distance ourselves from it. “

Löbel’s approach contradicts values ​​as a Christian rule of law party

Löbel’s approach contradicts the values ​​of the district CDU as a Christian rule of law party, it says in the declaration. “We demand and appeal to him to complete this withdrawal from all offices and mandates by March 31, 2021 at the latest in order to save all those involved an unnecessary hangover. Against the background of what happened, this is inevitable, logical and consistent. “

The district association wanted to take care of Löbel’s employees, their employment contracts would eventually end with Löbel’s departure from the Bundestag. The Mannheim CDU will also discuss a “personnel reorganization” in the coming days and announce this “in due course”, the statement said.

Last year, Löbel had commissions paid for arranging protective masks from China. According to information from, Löbel earned 288,000 euros gross from this business.


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