Mass Effect and Dragon Age DLC now free

Electronic Arts is giving away almost all DLC for the games in the “Mass Effect” and “Dragon Age” series.

Publisher Electronic Arts is now offering the previously paid downloadable content for the games in the “Mass Effect” and “Dragon Age” series for free. So if you want to play through the “Mass Effect” trilogy again or the very entertaining role-playing games of the “Dragon Age” series, you now have even more content at no additional cost.

Few exceptions

All you need to download the content for free is an Origin account. If one of the games “Dragon Age: Origins”, “Dragon Age 2”, “Mass Effect”, “Mass Effect 2” or “Mass Effect 3” is already in your own library, almost all DLCs and extensions for this are also there Game found for free on Origin. These include almost all single player DLCs, but there are a few exceptions. The expansion “Dragon Age Origins: Awakening” for the first “Dragon Age” still costs money. The same applies to the bonuses that come with various deluxe and collectors editions.

The path to the free DLCs

To start downloading the DLCs, players simply need to log into the Origin app. You can then use the search mask to search for one of the games mentioned. A click on the “Additional Content” tab then shows all available DLCs in a list. Here you will find a button with the inscription “Get it now for free”.

Bioware points expire

The reason for the campaign is the abolition of Bioware Points as of October 11, 2022. So far, the points that can be unlocked via the games have been sufficient to download a DLC if there are enough points. If you still have Bioware points, you can spend them in loot boxes for the “Mass Effect 3” multiplayer mode.

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