Mass tests: FPÖ rows back, no recommendation to not participate

The FPÖ MP Belakowitsch had called in the morning not to take part in the mass tests announced by the government. “If you want to celebrate Christmas in peace, then don’t let yourself be tested,” Belakovich said at a press conference. She justified this with the risk of being quarantined after a false-positive result. She received harsh criticism from the ÖVP and the Greens.

Decision of the citizens

Hofer went out in the evening to recapture the debate and emphasized that the FPÖ was not making any recommendations. “That is the decision of every individual citizen and certainly depends on his personal living environment,” said the FPÖ chairman. It must be clear, however, that there should be no direct or indirect coercion or repression for people who decide against testing or vaccination, neither in the tests nor in the vaccinations.

However, Hofer reiterated the FPÖ’s criticism of the mass tests planned for December. The FP boss sees this confirmed by the test strategy of the Ministry of Health. This was published on October 13th and calls for a “targeted approach” for Covid tests. “Testing without justified suspicion also increases the number of false-positive results and burdens existing testing capacity,” says the paper written by the Ministry of Health. Hofer therefore calls for old people’s and nursing homes to be given priority: “It’s not the ski slopes that come first, but those lonely people who cannot see their loved ones in the last phase of their lives.”


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