Massive allegations against Minister Aschbacher’s diploma thesis

During the television appearances of Labor and Family Minister Christine Aschbacher (ÖVP), he noticed her poor knowledge of German, writes media scientist Stefan Weber, known as a “plagiarism hunter” on his website (plagiatsgutachten.com). That’s why he ordered the minister’s thesis.

The work presented at the University of Applied Sciences Wiener Neustadt, “Management, Organizational and Personnel Consulting, Market Communication & Sales”, undercuts all scientific standards, writes Weber. He quotes some passages from the work that actually have serious linguistic and stylistic deficiencies.

He also claims that the work was “written off paragraph by paragraph” and that it “plagiarized” her own hypotheses.

In the minister’s office, at the request of the KURIER, it was said that one was completely surprised by these allegations and had to take a look at them first; for the time being one could not say anything about it.

Stefan Weber has already caused a sensation with several similar allegations: from today’s EU Commissioner Johannes Hahn (ÖVP) to the current State Opera director Bogdan Roscic to SP politician Thomas Drozda; in the case of the Styrian regional councilor Christian Buchmann (VP), Weber’s investigations led to the withdrawal of his doctorate and Buchmann’s resignation as regional councilor.


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