massive recall to replace electric Kona batteries

It is not less than 75 680 electric Kona which are recalled by the manufacturer for a replacement of their battery following more than fifteen fires in the world.

Despite a first recall campaign for an update of the software managing the energy on the Kona, a new fire occurred. Hyundai has no choice but to replace batteries of its vehicles.

Thus, the manufacturer is recalling no less than 75 680 electric Kona. But also 5,716 Ioniq and 305 Elec City buses which are also concerned. Ultimately, 81,701 electric vehicles from the Korean manufacturer will have to go back to the workshop.

A campaign at colossal cost

The operation will cost Hyundai nearly 750 million euros. This will have a significant impact on the manufacturer’s annual results. However, Hyundai plans to share the bill with its battery supplier, a subsidiary of LG Chem. Indeed, the investigation conducted by the Korea Institute for Automotive Research and Testing (KATRI) indicates a possible fault in the cells making up the batteries of the vehicles concerned.

Hyundai has also issued a press release to reassure its customers: “The company will make customer safety the top priority by actively responding to quality issues, improving product quality to prevent similar cases from occurring, and striving to regain consumer confidence.”



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