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“Maud, what are you doing now?”

Maud recently had sex with Joris at a house party, during her break with Tommy. But when Tommy visits her, she gives in to him too. Thanks to Jessie Tommy is a completely different person.

He has stopped smoking and seems to be doing everything he can to restore the relationship with Maud. Maud doesn’t know if she wants to continue with him, because she also has feelings for Joris. But she doesn’t know if it is smart to say so. Maud doesn’t really have time to think. Tommy stood on the doorstep with a romantic surprise and takes Maud to a hotel in Rotterdam. While Tommy and Maud are kissing, Maud suddenly feels Spanish. “Tommy, I have to tell you something ..

Kisses for Maud

Tommy just keeps on giving kisses. I have to tell Tommy the truth, but I don’t know how. I just can not. I feel the tears rise and quickly run to the bathroom to get a glass of water. “Maud, what is it?” Tommy shouts.

I don’t really have time to answer, because at that moment there is a knock on the door. A few seconds later, a cart is driven in front of it full of dishes of sushi, more champagne and candles. The hotel employee doesn’t seem to notice.

“So you probably have something to celebrate together? Well, go and enjoy it, cheers! ” This moment is in the top 10 of the most awkward moments in my life so far. That is why I start rattling about how much I felt like sushi, how great the view is and that we are going to raid the minibar anyway.

Tommy has not forgotten. “Maud, what was it? You wanted to tell something and then you suddenly walked away. Is something wrong?”


I feel the tension and emotions rush through my body, but I can’t find the words. I can not do it. I am too cowardly, I can not tell him now that I cheated on Joris. Maybe tomorrow morning, but now it is not possible.

“Nothing special. Or well, I wanted to tell you I quit the pill. Not because I want a baby! No, take it easy. But well, because we didn’t see each other anymore. And um .. I imagine we have plans tonight. So yeah I was wondering if you have condoms with you… ”It’s the most stupid excuse I’ve made up in ages, but Tommy seems to believe it.

“Come on, let’s have a nice meal and drink. And I’m going to run the bath so that we can take a nice bath later, ”I suggest.

Fortunately, the rest of the evening is a lot less uncomfortable. Tommy is a lot more relaxed than a few weeks ago. It really does seem like he’s in control of his life and he’s asking more questions than ever before. The champagne is flowing freely and Tommy has already ordered room service twice to order extra drinks. We have loud music on, dancing on the bed and if you don’t know better, we are like two teenagers in love who are away together for the first time.

Band Aid

And for a moment I managed to forget all the bullshit. I’m just not that good at taking the patch off in one sitting. And maybe it would be better if I just don’t tell Tommy anything at all and still give our relationship another chance. I want to capture this moment with a video and a few photos and ask Tommy to take my phone from the charger.

“Wtf, Maud !? What are you doing?” Tommy shouts when he has my phone in his hands.

I grab my phone from his hand to see what’s going on … In the screen I see several messages including two missed calls from Joris and an Instagram message from Kai: “When will I see you again, handsome?”

How am I going to get myself out of this?

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