Maxime Meiland is not lucky: ‘Claire calls Leroy daddy’

It is a friendly gang in the Meiland home, which Maxime’s friend Leroy has been dating for a while. On Instagram, the reality star tells that her daughter is just as crazy about her boyfriend. When a follower asks if he is a ‘father figure’ to the little girl, Maxime responds enthusiastically. “They are so much fun together,” she says. “Leroy is doing really well and Claire is crazy about him. She says Daddy too. More and more too. So yes, they click well.”

In fact, things are going so well between the two that Maxime has stated several times that she wants to marry Leroy. Whether that is coming is still unclear. But the couple is taking the next step in their relationship, because they will soon be living together. The reality star is very busy with it. In addition to the recordings for Chateau Meiland, there is ‘a lot going on’, she says on Instagram, but she is ‘not allowed to say anything about it’. “It will be a very special year.”

In the video below, the infatuated Maxime talks about her relationship with Leroy.


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