Mayday on Drag Race Holland: ‘Show it is art’

Which RuPaul’s Drag Race gets a Dutch version, is no surprise to Mayday. Years ago she started to see which options there were before. “That was not so easy back then,” she tells RTL Boulevard. Vincent TV eventually secured the rights, and the show is likely to hit Videoland this fall.

Mayday is very enthusiastic about that. “It’s a super cool concept,” she says. “It shows the professionalism of drag so that it is more valued. “Mayday believes that the Dutch do not always realize that drag is an art form. “They often think that drag queens are crazy, or that it is not healthy. I have had everything on my mind. That’s why I’m so happy that the girls can now show that drag is really an art form. “

Mayday is no stranger to perhaps the best known drag queen ever: RuPaul himself. They even worked together a number of times. “I also brought her to the Netherlands, especially for my birthday. We are still in regular contact with each other. She is a good friend.”

Mayday is wondering how the show, which is usually in America, is very bad over the top will be in the Netherlands. “We’re a lot more down-to-earth than those American girls,” she explains. The acting assignments that the American queens often have to complete, are full of drama. “We are not so concerned about this, so I am curious.”

Mayday does not participate in Drag Race Holland. She does not have that ambition either. “I have worked too long and too hard to fight against all those young girls, who are also fifteen kilos lighter.” But that does not exclude any other role in the program. For example, Mayday would like to become the Dutch Michelle Visage, a regular member of the jury. “I have worked abroad and have the expertise.” But whether that role has been assigned to her? “I can’t say anything about that.”

That Mayday herself does not participate, means that she for others queens can cheer. She is even an incredible fan of two girls. First: Janey Jack√©, who also appeared in the most recent season of All Together Now. “That is someone who is very professional, a real entertainer. If she is in it, she can kick it far. I am a fan of her.”

Another person who likes to see Mayday in the field is Envy Peru. This one queen is followed on Instagram by some of the biggest Drag Race-stars in the world, such as Bianca Del Rio. “Everyone fears her, because she is the one everyone looks out for in the Dutch drag scene. “

Another person who may be able to participate is Abby OMG. This one queen has Brazilian roots and is part of the group Mermaids Mension, together with two others. She has also won several European prizes.

Another possible candidate is Sederginne, who has been working as a drag queen. This lady is known for her comedic qualities, but she’s not averse to an extravagant outfit.

Mama Queen focuses on fashion and keeps people amazed at what she wears. She is exceptionally tall and a formidable candidate for the title of Miss Drag Race Holland.

Megan Schoonbrood: the viewers know that Utopia maybe. Because she participated as Michael. In her spare time, Michael is one drag queen who performs with the name Megan. She likes folk music a bit more, which sets her apart from most of her colleagues.

Madame Madness is another queen that just in the workroom could appear. She has a different style than all the above ladies: she leaves her beard. Moreover, she is with her unique view drag really someone to watch out for.

Who Drag Race Holland is not yet known. In the podcast Wig time two real fans – and connoisseurs of the Dutch think drag community – however, it is important to know who can fill RuPaul’s stilettos: Fred van Leer is mentioned as a possible presenter.

In all likelihood it will Drag Race Holland can be seen on Videoland from September.


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