Mazda CX-3 in the used car check: strengths and weaknesses

The Mazda CX-3 is often reduced to the fashionable. However, the newcomer to used cars also consistently convinces the TÜV and makes so many friends. The most important information for used car buyers from the AUTO BILD TÜV report!

Mazda CX-3

Construction time: 2015 until today
Engines: 105 PS (diesel) to 150 PS (petrol)
Price: from 13,000 euros
Occupant safety (Euro NCAP crash test 2015): Four stars

Mazda CX-3

All-wheel drive is not so popular with the CX-3, customers often use the 120 hp Saufbenziner.

That’s him: For some it is a pretty SUV coupe, for others it is a raised small car. Regardless, the CX-3 is already a bestseller, that is, the second most popular Mazda – after its brother CX-5. Since 2015, the Japanese has been relying on the recipe for success fashionable design with compact dimensions and elevated seating connect to. That the CX-3 is not a space miracle, the predominantly older clientele seems to bother little. The technology comes largely from the Mazda2 small car (which suggests similar weaknesses in old age), the Skyactiv engines can be found in numerous models: The 2.0-liter gasoline engines (120 to 150 hp) manage without a turbo, the small 1.5-liter diesel hardly plays a role. All-wheel drive and automatic are available as a wide range.

Mazda CX-3 in the AUTO BILD used car market

He can do that: Be a comfortable everyday companion for short or long journeys. It is better to only be on the move in pairs. You can climb higher, slide comfortably through the city with the little one and, thanks to fast engines, drive long distances stress-free. The trunk is enough the fund is – due to the confusing shape – cut tight. The chassis works rather dry, Steering and performance make the CX-3 bustling to agile. There were complaints about the loveless equipment, lack of assistants and increased thirst for fuel: The Skyactiv engines save under a slight accelerator, but in the city the large displacement has a negative impact.

That causes trouble: Thin seats lack comfort on longer journeys, the hard plastic tends to roar in individual cases. The infotainment takes a lot of time to start up, and the navigation system is not among the fastest. Somewhat more comfortable: the suspension. Mazda has improved all points with the major facelift in 2019. At the same time, a diesel with a larger displacement was also offered.

TÜV judgment

landing gear
This chapter is almost entirely a zero number: axle suspension, axle springs and damping, drive shafts and steering system – the young Mazda CX-3 is very reliable in all respects. No trace of rust. Only at the steering joints does one in a thousand muck.

The Mazda star shines less brightly in this category. While taillights and indicators do not attract negative attention, the front light hails the CX-3 a flawless certificate. (More about the Mazda CX-3: all generations, news and videos)

And again almost everything is great, and finally a decent brake judgment for a Mazda: There’s nothing to criticize about the stoppers. Hoses and lines are in pristine condition, The function and effectiveness of the brakes are also no reason to refuse the hook. The brake discs are also of the durable variety.

Skyactiv is good for the environment – in operation as well as in durability. Hardly any oil loss, hardly any complaints from the AU. The exhaust systems convince with tightness and clean function.

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