Mazda CX-60 (2022): all information about the new premium SUV

Mazda wants to go into the premium segment! This should succeed with the new top model CX-60, which is to compete against Audi, BMW, Mercedes and Co. In order to survive against the strong competition, the Japanese have in their big SUV neatly ascended.

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Starting with the new “Large Platform” with longitudinally installed engines and rear wheel drive via a specially developed transmission to innovative drives, the CX-60 has a lot to offer.

Prices: Mazda CX-60 from 47,390 euros

The big brother of the Mazda CX-5 (remains in the program) can now be ordered at prices starting at 47,390 euros. Customers can choose between four equipment lines:

● Prime line from 47,390 euros
● Exclusive line from 50,850 euros
● Homura from 54,750 euros
● Takumi from 56,250 euros

This makes the CX-60 several thousand euros cheaper than the German premium competition. For comparison: The Audi Q5 50 TFSI e is available from dealers from 56,500 euros, BMW even wants 62,150 euros for the X3 xDrive30e – and a Mercedes GLC 300e 4Matic costs from 56,109 euros.
Mazda CX-60

The front is dominated by the large chrome radiator grille, the headlights are narrow and set far to the outside.

The first customer vehicles are to be delivered as early as summer 2022. By the way: If the CX-60 is still too small for you, Mazda has announced the seven-seater CX-80.

Mazda CX-60 at market launch only as a plug-in hybrid

Early on in development, Mazda promised to go electrified, contrary to the current downsizing trend straight-six to want to offer. However, customers will have to wait until the beginning of 2023 for these engines.

At the start of sales, the CX-60 will only be available as a plug-in hybrid CX-60 e-Skyactiv PHEV offered. Hard to believe: With the combination of a 2.5-liter in-line four-cylinder (191 hp261 Nm torque) and a 129 kW (175 hp) powerful electric motor, it is Mazda’s first plug-in hybrid.

With a system performance of 327 hp and 500 Nm, the CX-60 is also the most powerful Mazda series model to date. Speaking of the performance data: the sprint to 100 km/h takes care of that SUV in 5.8 seconds, at an electronically limited 200 km/h it’s over.

Up to 63 kilometers are possible purely electrically. It remains to be seen whether Mazda will increase battery capacity again in the future.

Mazda stays true to the diesel

If you prefer a straight six-cylinder under the hood instead of the plug-in hybrid, you have to be patient. From January 2023, Mazda wants to supply the CX-60 with a 3.3-liter diesel (e-Skyactiv D) in two power levels (can be ordered from August 2022) and from 2024 with a 3.0-liter petrol engine (e-Skyactiv X ) offer – both as mild hybrids.
At a time when most manufacturers are fully committed to electrification, Mazda continues to rely on a diesel. The 3283 cc engine is a completely new development and follows the so-called “rightsizing” concept, which according to Mazda should achieve an ideal balance of performance and efficiency. But that’s not all: the new combustion technology DCPCI (Distribution-Controlled Partially Premixed Compression Ignition) is designed to reduce emissions and consumption and achieve an efficiency of over 40 percent. At the same time, the in-line six-cylinder should not weigh any more than the 2.2-liter four-cylinder diesel currently available in the CX-5, for example.

From 2023, customers will have the choice between two performance levels. The smaller version of the longitudinally installed e-Skyactiv D delivers 200 hp and 450 Nm of maximum torque, which is delivered to the rear wheels. Consumption should be just 4.9 liters per 100 kilometers.

With 5.3 liters per 100 kilometers, the 254 hp and 550 Nm strong diesel consumes only slightly more. Four-wheel drive is standard with this version. In both cases, the 48-volt M Hybrid Boost system is on board, which supports the combustion engine with a 12.4 kW (17 hp) electric motor that acts on the input shaft of the new eight-speed automatic transmission.

New eight-speed automatic for the CX-60

Power is transmitted by an eight-speed automatic that was developed in-house. In this case, no torque converter is installed, but a multi-plate input clutch. The advantages according to Mazda: a slimmer design and less slip. In addition, the electric motor of the plug-in hybrid system straight into transmission integrated.

Mazda CX-60

The real size of the CX-60 isn’t that clear from the pictures. With a length of 4.75 meters, it trumps the competition.

Bigger than the competition from Audi, BMW and Mercedes

Visually, the CX-60 makes a good impression. The design is calm, reminiscent of American SUV. The radiator grille stands steeply in the wind and is adorned with plenty of chrome in the top trim “Takumi”. The narrow and positioned far out headlight give the CX-60 a beefy appearance.

And brawny is the right keyword, because in terms of dimensions, the CX-60 surpasses the competition from Audi, BMW and Mercedes in all areas. 4.75 meters long, 1.89 meters wide and a wheelbase of 2.87 meters are a statement.

The dimensions at a glance:

● Length: 4745mm
● Width: 1890mm
● Height: 1670mm
● Wheelbase: 2870mm
● Trunk: 570 to 1726 liters

The passenger cell is set far back, the overhangs are short. 18-inch wheels come as standard, with 20-inch wheels available as an option. No surprises at the rear, the elongated taillights are divided into two, the indicated tailpipes are fake. A trend that still takes some getting used to after several years.

Up to 1726 liters of luggage fit in the trunk

More important than the hinted tailpipes, however, is what is hidden behind the tailgate: 570 liters of luggage fit into the trunk of the CX-60. If you fold down the rear seats (in a ratio of 40:20:40), you can load up to 1726 liters – here too the Mazda is ahead of its German competitors. Incidentally, plug-in drivers do not have to do without storage space, since the 17.8 kWh battery is installed in the underbody between the axles.

Plenty of space in the Mazda CX-60

There is ample space at the front and rear, which is to be expected given the wheelbase of 2.87 meters. In the rear, however, there is one point of criticism: the outer seats are too hard upholstered.

Mazda CX-60

In the top equipment “Takumi” there is always light leather. Material selection and space are very good.

In the front row, on the other hand, there is almost a luxury flair. The top equipment “Takumi” trumps with light nappa leather and maple wood. The woven fabrics are said to be reminiscent of traditional kimonos, and a 12.3-inch infotainment display and digital instruments are standard on board, as are wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

The space is noticeably better than in the smaller CX-5, and the choice of materials is consistently good. The ease of use is also positive – Mazda does without the current touch trend and instead uses buttons and buttons as well as a rotary pushbutton that make operation easier.

Top equipment always with light leather

If you don’t like the light leather interior, you have to go for the second-highest equipment “Homura”, which includes black leather. The top model “Takumi” is always delivered with a white interior.

The “Driver Personalization System” (only available for “Homura” and “Takumi”) is brand new. It uses facial recognition to automatically set and save the optimal driving position for up to six different drivers. Unfortunately, we were not able to try out the system during the presentation, as it is currently still in the final test phase.

Mazda CX-60

18-inch rims are standard, 20-inch rims are available for an extra charge (photo).

In theory, it should work like this: A new driver climbs into the CX-60 and enters his height in the infotainment system. The car then uses a camera to recognize all the important parameters and automatically adjusts the optimal seating position, steering wheel, mirror and head-up display.

The driver can now adjust the settings according to personal preferences and finally save them. The next time you get in, the CX-60 recognizes the driver through eye tracking and restores the last saved settings.

This is how the CX-60 drives

We actually managed almost 60 kilometers on the first test drive purely electrically, quietly and smoothly. If the petrol engine is added, the 327 hp can definitely be felt – if you put your mind to it, it actually goes briskly. The 2.5 liter sounds pithy; the automatic has some trouble sorting the gear stages so quickly.

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Mazda CX-60 (2022)

As is always the case with hybrids, however, you should be prepared for it, i.e. let it run, no unnecessary rushing. This is then matched by the soft suspension and the smooth-running steering.

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