Mazda CX-60 (2022): new SUV also with in-line six-cylinder

At the presentation of the Mazda CX-50, which is only offered in the US, the brand’s next SUVs were already announced – CX-60 and CX-80. The smaller of the two is likely to be presented as the next series, because In November 2021, a (now deleted) video appeared on YouTube that apparently showed the CX-60 undisguised during the photo shoot. The AUTO BILD illustrator took this as an opportunity to render a rendering of the new Mazda SUV.
Visually, the CX-60 should be based on its US brother, the CX-50. But it will probably be the more elegant version with fewer off-road elements – instead with more chrome and also a little narrower. Both of these can be easily recognized by the radiator grille in our illustration: It is positioned higher and has a more delicate grille that appears to consist of vertical struts. The headlights are optically connected to it. This effect is created thanks to an LED band between the main headlights and the grill.

Larger than the CX-5

In our drawing, the CX-60 wears a rather aggressive apron with large side air inlets and a central ventilation slot that is somewhat reminiscent of a slightly open mouth. However, it is not unlikely that the base will come across as somewhat defused. The shape with the long hood and the slightly sloping roof, but also the window line, are reminiscent of the CX-5, which was lifted in 2021. His future brother is a bit bigger.

The Mazda CX-60 will not be an electric car

The basis is the new “Large Platform”. It is designed for rear-wheel drive, but also enables all-wheel drive. Mazda already has one Plug-in hybrid drive with a gasoline engine on the combustion side and, contrary to the downsizing trend, electrified straight-six announced.

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