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Diesel or a “diesel-gasoline engine” like the self-igniting Skyactiv gasoline engine with mild hybrid? Or is it the fully electric drive? “So check out who binds himself forever, whether something better can be found,” it says so beautifully. Together with Mazda, we gave AUTO BILD readers the opportunity to find out for themselves which drive and which body shape their “perfect match” is in a 14-day everyday test with three Mazda models. The candidates: the spacious, powerful CX-5 with diesel engine, the compact, sporty Mazda3 with Skyactiv petrol and the innovatively stylish MX-30 with electric drive. At the end of the dating phase, we visited the readers and asked them: “Who is your sweetheart?”

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Pictures: The Mazda trio in the reader test

What is Dirk End’s everyday life like? “It’s complicated,” says the 45-year-old. Because love made him a commuter. The logistics group leader undertakes 250 kilometers to drive back and forth between his wife with the children and the job. Fortunately, he still has an apartment in his parents’ house, which is much closer to the workplace. “We definitely need two cars,” says Dirk. “That’s why I always looked during my test to see which vehicle was best for which purpose.” Because next to the pendulumthe family likes to go on holiday with a caravan. “When If I listen to my camper’s heart, it should be the CX-5, “he enthuses.” Lots of space, the power to pull a trailer, and economical. “And Dirk End’s technical heart beats for it innovative electric drive of the MX-30 “My first time with an electric car,” he reveals. “It’s amazing how he starts at the traffic lights!” But is the Mazda3 already out of the running? “Not at all,” says Dirk, “the lively, economical engine, the stiff chassis and the crisp manual gearbox have convinced me: The Mazda3 is my sweetheart!”

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