Mazda MX-30 endurance test: what are the competitors?

Rutger Middendorp reviews cars for Bright. This month: the Mazda MX-30. Follow the updates.

I’ve been driving the Mazda MX-30 for two weeks now and if it had been a series of dates I still wouldn’t know where it was going. One thing is certain: this car is unique in many ways. What the car competes with is therefore not clear at once.

We drive a fully electric Japanese coupé crossover with suicide doors. The range is 180 kilometers and the price is 34,000 euros. In order to find a competitor, we have to forget that whole coupé crossover with suicide doors anyway. So we are going to look for cars under 35,000 euros that are fully electrically powered.

Volkswagen e-Up!

The Volkswagen trio (Seat Mii, Skoda Citigo, Volkswagen Up!) Costs 10,000 euros less, delivers a comparable range, but is a lot smaller and has room for only four people. The car is less luxuriously finished, is noisier inside and has fewer options as standard.

Opel Corsa-E

The fully electric Opel Corsa costs 3,500 euros less and therefore feels smaller on the inside and less luxurious. The exterior is also more middle of the road. But the range is 100 kilometers longer and fast charging is once as fast.

Renault Zoe

The Renault Zoe is also a bit smaller than the MX-30. Inside, the Renault feels less classy than the Mazda, but because the car was developed from the ground up as an electric car, you have a relatively large amount of interior space for the modest exterior size. The price is almost the same, but the range of the Frenchman is 130 kilometers longer.


The MG ZS EV is on paper the main competitor of the Mazda. He is also a bit higher on the legs. More like a classic SUV than the coupe look of the MX-30. It costs 3,000 euros less, has 40 kilometers more range and can fast charge with 75 kW, compared to the 50 kW of the Mazda. Inside, the quality perception is much less than in the Japanese. The infotainment system is illogical and you get warning signals if there is and is not something wrong.

Kia Soul EV (40 kWh)

I would almost forget that the Kia Soul is also a direct competitor. The fresh Korean is available with a battery pack of 40 kWh, bringing the price to 34K. Just as much as the Mazda. For that you get a rich standard equipment and a mischievous face. With 75 kW fast charging and 50 kilometers more range than the MX-30, you have just a little more electric car.

Mini Cooper S E

Man, there is a lot to choose for less than 35,000 euros. If you want a special cart and prefer to sit a bit lower to the ground, the electric Mini is a great option. The range is almost the same as that of the Mazda and fast charging is just as fast (or slow). This is the lifestyle competitor.

Opel Ampera E.

Do you just want as much reach as possible for your euros? Then the Opel Ampera E is your candidate. It is no longer being built, but there are still a few things in stock. Almost double the range of the Mazda for the same money.

So there is no directly comparable electric car. If you want an electric car as a second car and the range and interior space does not matter much, but the design all the more, then the Mini is the direct competitor.

If you want an electric car that is a bit higher on the legs, the MG is the direct competitor. This way, everyone can make their own shortlist.

Next week more about our experiences with the Mazda MX-30.

Rutger Middendorp reviews cars for Bright. Follow the updates.


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