McDonald’s before and today: So much has changed

The first new burger to be added to the US menu was the Filet-O-Fisch in 1965. The Big Mac was launched nationwide three years later.

Jim Delligatti was the owner and operator of the Pittsburgh branch, serving the first Big Mac, a three-story burger, in 1967 and selling it for 45 cents.

When the decision was made to sell the burger across the country, much thought was given to the name. There were two other naming options, but both were rejected: the Aristocrat and the Blue Ribbon Burger.

A 21-year-old secretary from the advertising department, Esther Glickstein Rose, suggested the name “Big Mac”. The executives and other employees laughed at the name at the time, but it stuck in their minds and became “one of the best-known product names of all time”.

The Happy Meal has been around since 1979, Chicken McNuggets since 1983.

Henry Groskinsky / The LIFE Images Collection / Getty Images


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