McDonald’s: in 2030 just as many women as men in the top

Last year in the US, only 29 percent of senior positions (CEO and above) at McDonald’s were members of a minority. That must have grown to 35 percent by 2025.

The group is even more ambitious when it comes to women in leadership positions. Last year they filled 37 percent of the senior positions. And by 2025 that should have grown to 45 percent worldwide, and by the end of 2030 that should be half.

McDonald’s announced this yesterday.


To ensure that those goals are met, achieving them is one of the measures taken to determine whether the highest peak gets a bonus or not. That is the first time.

Incidentally, five out of fourteen people in the very highest top are now women. That is 35 percent.


In 2019, 54 percent of all McDonald’s employees were female. And 28 percent of the executives were women.

Of the restaurants that were not franchised, but McDonald’s, 56 percent of employees and 68 percent of managers were women.

How this works in the Netherlands is unclear. McDonald’s Netherlands was not immediately available for comment.

Dutch companies

In the Netherlands, the number of women in top positions at companies is generally increasing, but that is still slow. This also applies to the layer below the top, as recently emerged from the Business Monitor Top Women 2020.

That sub-top is also important. If more women work there, it is more likely that more women will move on to a top position.


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