McDonald’s in 5 different countries: the products are so unusual

Kate Taylor has uncommonly tested McDonald's dishes in five different countries.

Kate Taylor has unusually tested McDonald’s dishes in five different countries.

Kate Taylor /

Wherever you are in the world: there is a high probability that there is a McDonald’s. Because there are only a few countries in which the fast food chain has so far not been able to gain a foothold.

When I have traveled in the past few months, I have made it my job to go to McDonald’s in every country. So I went to various McDonald’s restaurants in South Korea, Vietnam, Malaysia, Thailand and Australia.

I tried a total of 24 different dishes that you cannot buy in my home country, the USA. These included, for example, a chicken sandwich with mozzarella and a green McDip ice cream. That’s how I found out how McDonald’s added local specialties to their menu in every country, ensuring that the restaurant never ran out of customers.

Here’s what I ate at McDonalds in five different countries.

I ate at McDonald’s in 5 different countries – so the chain manages to have customers all over the world

This article was published by in March 2020. It has now been checked and updated again.


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