McLaren Senna: Record drive at the Sachsenring

The Manthey Porsche finds its master in the McLaren Senna

The McLaren Senna is the new king at the Sachsenring! But in the end it wasn’t quite that clear and simple. A record report.

W.he still knows the story of that Manthey record run in 2019? The conclusion was that I was with one 25 lap time at the Sachsenring actually wanted to stop driving fast, but then would have extended my employment contract to round 24. With wise foresight because McLaren At the time, it was unlikely to give us a Senna test car due to capacity reasons. Anyway, the anticipation for the Senna was tall and, well, slightly saddened. Finally, the issue of the “helmet on the nail” was once again up for debate. And anyone who watched the times of Senna in the media knows that the 24 lap time at the Sachsenring is not a daydream. Is the Manthey record falling?

In the Senna, 800 horsepower meets 1,354 kilograms of hypercar

McLaren Senna (2020): Hypercar – Circuit – Test – Info

Fast lap in the McLaren Senna

Here again for everyone the key data of the Super McLaren. Not difficult to recognize Masses of carbon. The Senna is lightweight, 660 grams per fender, with the swan-neck rear wing that can be adjusted up to 25 degrees DRS function 8 pounds and so on. Power on our scales 1354 kilos. For comparison: a Porsche 911 GT2 RS carries 1500 kilos around with it. Engine? Of the V8 biturbo comes from the 720S and performs with more intake air 800 hp. Aero? The air gets over active aero blades and inlets in the LED headlights sucked up and pressed onto the rocker panel by guide vanes to open the rear brake ducts and the Diffuser to supply. In German: It’s all about Downforce and cornering speed. And that’s exactly where we are now. On the Sachsenring, at the place where the Manthey GT2 RS MR with a lap time of 1: 25.30 minutes Made history. Yes, we are even in the same box. The weather is good, around 20 degrees, the asphalt has enough temperature.

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And then it starts. Put your hands on the roof and hold on, put your feet in and then let them fall. Of the Full bucket seat fits like a glove, the six-point seat belt clicks, the wing door closes. Start button Press the top of the headliner, turn the control knob to T like trackActivate Aero, the Senna is lowered as if by magic, by 39 millimeters at the front and 30 millimeters at the rear. I already know the car from the presentation at Silverstone, but the Senna feels completely different here at the Sachsenring. Steering, gas, brakes, everything to the extreme pointed. It must be like that in Le Mans Get off in an LMP car. When you roll up, you can already feel the senna potential. To understand: the half-hearted warming up with old tires in 1:32 minutes, just awesome. Then pit stop and tire change. The belts are pulled even tighter, a little tension builds up. Is the round of 24 coming now? Helmet on the nail? You rush up to the start / finish slightly oversteering over the curbs, and only throw the anchor for the first right at 258 km / h. 8.15 seconds for this sector are by far new record. Down into the tight Omega, the British then stumbled a little. With 245 tires The relatively narrow front axle has its problems with the ideal line, no aero helps with the speed, the Senna is one here half a second slower than the manthey.

In the end, the lead is much closer than expected

McLaren Senna

Madness: The performance of the Senna is so extreme that you feel like you’re in a Le Mans racing car.

© Lena Willgalis / AUTO BILD

Also in the Bergablinks down to the go-kart track slight understeer. But then the Senna strikes back. Sector four is made for power and aerotricks. Of the V8 biturbo turns freely, depends on the gas. The Senna enters the two fast links over the blind knoll with insane speed, the Centrifugal forces are extreme, the helmet is getting heavy. Down to the Saxon curve only 259.9 km / h, I would have expected more with 800 hp. And then another slight oversteer in the Queckenberg. Nevertheless, subjectively that was extraterrestrial, that must be 1:24. But the display shows something else 1: 25.19 minutes. Wow, I would not have thought that, the lap was perfect, there is not much more possible. On analysis it becomes clear that the Trofeo R is not on the level of the Michelin Cup 2 R, the front axle is too narrow and that landing gear a tad too pointed in track mode.

The bottom line: Congratulations to Woking, the Senna is the new record holder at the Sachsenring. Admittedly close and in the end a bit below expectations, but at least that way my helmet won’t get on the nail. Let’s see if the AMG GT Black Series can do that.

Technical data McLaren Senna • Engine: V8, biturbo, center rear lengthways • Displacement: 3994 cm³ • Power: 588 kW (800 PS) at 7250 / min • Max. Torque: 800 Nm at 5500-6700 / min • Drive: rear wheel, seven-speed dual clutch transmission • Length / width / height: 4744/1958/1229 mm • Empty weight: 1354 kg • 0-100 km / h: 2.6 s • 0-200 km / h: 6.8 s • Vmax: 340 km / h • Price: 922,250 euros.


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