Meat Day in The Hague | Number of unemployed rises sharply And make working from home a success

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It is Accountability Day again in The Hague, also known as minced meat day. On the third Wednesday in May, we traditionally hear from the Court of Audit whether politicians have handled our tax money properly. The chopping starts at 10:30 AM.

The number of unemployed is growing enormously. In April, the UWV granted twice as many unemployment benefits as a month earlier. Unemployment is rising in all sectors and especially young people with a flex contract are left in the loop. Statistics Netherlands had 314,000 unemployed in April, 41,000 more than a month earlier.

The NOW scheme has so far eased the pain on the labor market. This measure to maintain employment will be continued. What this NOW 2.0 looks like, we hear this afternoon. Minister Wouter Koolmees (Social Affairs) said earlier that the dismissal fine will disappear and the FNV union is strongly opposed to this.

The Efteling and Blijdorp zoo will open again today. Just in time for the Ascension weekend, but a last minute outing is not for most people. The zoo in Rotterdam first opens for season ticket holders and Efteling is fully booked until 2 June.

We’ve been working from home for months now and you might want to keep it that way. How can you make it a lasting success? And what about your rights and obligations if you don’t want to go to the office at all? In an extra broadcast at noon we answer questions about working from home. This Viewers to Z-special can be followed live on LinkedIn.

This piece was most shared yesterday:
Houses will become cheaper for a while, but we can’t enjoy them for long. In the long term, the housing shortage will only increase.

We think you should read this too:
We will not soon see the massive office vacancy after the previous crisis. However, the Dutch office market is on the eve of a major change.

And you may have missed this last night:
Spain and Italy are re-opening borders for foreign tourists. The government takes the risk with the knife, because tourism is of vital importance for the South European economy.

This may come along to the digital coffee machine:

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