Meater Bluetooth grill thermometer extremely cheap on Prime Day

If you like to grill and want your meat to be perfectly done, you should take a look at the smart thermometer from Meater, which is available on Amazon on Prime Day with a whopping 30 percent discount.

There are lots of bargains on the current Amazon Prime Day (July 12th to 13th). That’s about it

smart meat thermometer from Meater

currently greatly reduced –

You save a whopping 30 percent

! You can now get the following three products at a particularly reasonable price so that you can start the barbecue season well equipped:

Meater Original for 62.30 euros (instead of 99 euros) at Amazon

Meater Plus for 76.30 euros (instead of 119 euros) at Amazon

Meater Block for 209.30 euros (instead of 299 euros) at Amazon

With Meater’s smart thermometer, you can monitor the temperature of your meat to achieve the perfect cooking point. Because the thermometer is connected to your smartphone, this is also particularly easy. Because on the mobile phone you select the type of meat and degree of doneness in the app and the Meater notifies you when it has reached the cooking point. You can also see exactly how much longer it will take. The Original Meater has a range of 10 meters. If the fireplace is quite far away, then we recommend the Plus version, because it offers a range of 50 meters.

The Meater has several temperature sensors installed to measure the core temperature of the meat (up to 100 degrees Celsius) and the ambient temperature (up to 275 degrees Celsius).

A look at the price comparison also shows that this offer is particularly strong. So you pay at least 85 euros for the original Meater.

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