Media report: Nintendo is planning a new Switch model with a larger OLED display

The rumors about a new model of the Nintendo Switch have been going strong for weeks. Now the colleagues from Bloomberg published an article that is devoted to the potential new version of the hybrid console.

According to the report by Takashi Moshizuki, Nintendo will unveil the new console later this year – a release is planned for the Christmas season 2021. The company relies on a larger 7-inch OLED display from Samsung for the new device. The aim here is a monthly production of one million units, which is to begin in July.

This means that the model would offer a larger screen than current Switch devices (Switch: 6.2 inches; Switch Lite: 5.5 inches). It remains unclear whether this also affects the basic dimensions of the console. It is conceivable that the dimensions of the housing will remain identical and the size of the display edges will be reduced. Switching to OLED technology will also bring various advantages. According to DSCC co-founder Yoshio Tamura, both better contrast and reduced response times and lower battery consumption can be expected.

In handheld mode, the console should continue to set to 720p. The TV mode, on the other hand, offers 4K resolution – whether native or upscaled remains unclear.

Nintendo President Furukawa on a potential Switch successor

Just last month, Nintendo President Shuntaro Furukawa commented on a potential Switch successor in an interview with Japanese magazine Nikkei. According to him, future devices would have to offer “new forms of entertainment”. A claim that the Japanese company has not only been adhering to since yesterday. But was there any information about a more powerful switch model?

In this context, Furukawa only stated in February that they had not yet planned any time for the development of certain advances, but rather that they were continuously working on new technology. So he did not mention a possible date for an upgrade of the in-house hybrid console.

So maybe you got ahead of the secretive Nintendo president. In any case, the report should be treated with caution – Nintendo has not confirmed it. Cautious euphoria is certainly allowed, as Bloomberg is characterized by serious reporting. We’ll all know more for sure in the coming weeks and months.

What about with you? Would you get yourself a new switch model?

via Bloomberg, Eurogamer, images: Nintendo


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