Media reports: TV series on Kingdom Hearts in progress at Square Enix and Disney

According to insiders and various media reports, Square Enix and Disney are to join together on a TV series Kingdom Hearts work. The series will of course be published by Disney +. Disney therefore initially planned to implement the project in-house, speculations range here to a live action series. But these plans were rejected and Square Enix was now in the process of producing a CG-animated pilot episode.

At first Emre Kaya, editor of The Cinema Spot, apparently reported about it. Other personalities such as Disney Insider EiC Skyler Shuler joined his tweets. Shuler added that well-known Disney voice actors such as Jim Cummings, Bill Farmer and Tony Anselmo should also be there.

Time will tell what’s on. By the way, just a funny reference to the TV Movie, which also reports about these rumors and whose readers may not be as familiar with Kingdom Hearts. It says Kingdom Hearts is “a very strange and confusing matter for outsiders”. Now.

Either way – are you up to it?

via Siliconera, images: Kingdom Hearts III, Square Enix / Disney


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