Megan and Joshua from ‘Temptation Island’ celebrate New Year’s Eve together

Are Megan and Joshua out Temptation Island together again? Officially it is not yet, but the two celebrated New Year’s Eve together and thus seem to be each other’s cuddly contact.

Two years ago, Megan and Joshua were two of the most notable participants Temptation Island. The then 18-year-old Megan had traveled to the island with her then boyfriend Kevin, but was told after a day that she actually thought she was “koekerond”. However, she did not have to grieve for long because she found support in the arms and in the bed of seducer Joshua. Immediately was the floshua Joshua is also a household name.

Happy new year

The duo had something together afterwards, but eventually each went their own way. Since then, both Megan and Joshua have had other relationships as well. For example, Megan was even briefly with Joshua’s best friend. But now the two seem to have discovered each other again.

On Instagram Megan shared a photo with her and Joshua with “Happy new yearAnd a heart. We will not receive any further explanation for the time being. Whether the two are really together again is not clear. This summer, Megan – when she posed naked for Playboy – announced that her relationship with Maxence was on pause.

So Megan and Joshua celebrated together


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