Megaton Musashi appears next to PS4 and Switch also for PS5

Level-5 plans to be the cooperative robot-action RPG Megaton Musashi also to publish for PlayStation 5. This emerges from the current issue of Weekly Jump. Versions for PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch are also planned, a mobile version was initially announced, but is no longer mentioned.

However, the game, in which each player will be able to pilot their own robot in online battles and fight against alien invaders, still has no date. However, the anime is set to start in the summer of 2021. At the Tokyo Game Show 2020 Online, after a long time, there was again gameplay material for the next level 5 cross-media project.

A story of destruction and resistance

Megaton Musashi is set in the year 2118, when the earth was almost completely destroyed in a few days by extraterrestrial intruders, the Dracter. 99 percent of the earth’s inhabitants have been wiped out and the aliens have built a nest for themselves out of the earth. The earth is shaped like a donut after the attack.

But there is hope: the main characters in the game control huge machines, the so-called musashi, and take on the enemy tractors.

The few people who have remained on earth live in high security accommodation. The memories of their demise have been taken from them. Only the pilots of the Musashi remember the fateful events during the attack by the hostile aliens – that is why they are the chosen ones.

via Gematsu, images: Megaton Musashi, Level-5


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