Megxit: "An attempt to torch the Windsor house"

Meghan and Harry’s interview threatens to permanently shake the Windsors. The Queen relies on silence and the fulfillment of duty.

She had given her answer hours before the renegade grandson and wife went on air in the United States. It was wrapped in a speech to the Commonwealth, the legacy of the Empire that once ruled as a young woman. The 94-year-old Queen spoke of “selfless fulfillment of duty” in “challenging times” and the close ties of friends and family who are the most important support in these times.

Reminded of the duties

In any case, the British commentators had no doubt as to whom Elizabeth had been rudely reminding them of their duties: the couple who held hands had dealt a severe blow to the monarchy. The hardest since 1936, as the veteran monarchy opponents of the English “Republic” initiative had maliciously reported on Twitter. At that time, King Edward abdicated because of his lover, the American Wallis Simpson.

Daring Diana comparison

Meghan and Harry complained about the cold and heartlessness of the royal family in an interview with US talk queen Oprah Winfrey. The prince even went so far as to compare the situation with that of his mother Diana, who after her divorce from the royal family was ignored and finally chased to death by gossip reporters: “I was afraid that history would repeat itself.”

Almost worse, however, was Meghan’s accusation that the royal family harbored racist thoughts. During her pregnancy with son Archie, for example, they racked their brains about how dark the child’s skin could be. In any case, a dark baby would have been perceived by the palace as an image problem.

“Destructive Nonsense”

The defenders of the royal family promptly counterattacked – and with all violence. There is not “a hint of racism in the royal family,” said Elizabeth’s longtime spokesman, Charles Anson, to the BBC. Others, such as the prominent morning show presenter Piers Morgan, were much more violent: This interview was “self-indulgent, destructive nonsense”, said the conservative, the two had “betrayed the royal family in a shameful way”.

Lasting damage

Regardless of the level of outrage, the experienced observers of the royal family agree on one point. The interview will cause lasting damage. The monarchy, which had gained popularity in recent years through weddings and abundant offspring, could slide into an image crisis, just like when Princess Diana died in 1997.

Iron silence

In any case, then as now, the Queen sticks to her principle, which has accompanied her throughout her reign, which has now been almost 70 years: iron fulfillment of duty and equally iron silence. The 94-year-olds’ calendar is particularly dense with public appearances these days, the Times, traditionally well-informed on royal questions, knew. However, as always, an open statement on the allegations is not to be expected.

“Couldn’t you have been silent?”

One more reason for Harry to remember his mother’s death. At that time, the Queen had remained silent – amid the furor of the British press. Only then did she have the flag hoisted at half mast over Buckingham Palace. But the royal biographer Penny Junior cannot recognize tragedy like back then in relation to the BBC. Nevertheless, “all members of the royal family are damaged”: “If they couldn’t have just kept quiet about it. Why does the world have to find out about these things. “


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