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Meiland family back to chateau? (and Erica sees a new love)

The Meiland family does not rule out their temporary return to their castle in France if no buyer is found. “If the chateau is not sold, we will probably run there for another month or two.”

Erica Meiland has that against Veronica Magazine.

The Meiland family dropped the price of the chateau

The famous Chateau Marillaux has been for sale since the beginning of June. The Meilandjes, the most famous TV family in the country, initially asked 1.25 million euros for it. The asking price has now fallen to 998,000 euros, according to the family’s website.

Martien and Erica Meiland bought a farm in Hengelo in the Netherlands, but their living pleasure proved to be short-lived. After problems with the zoning plan, they decided to leave again. The ‘lot’ in the Achterhoek has now been sold. Well, with reservations.

Erica Meiland was through it

Erica Meiland has even more news in Veronica’s guide to a new TV season. She confesses that she has been through it for a while. Because chateau in France has not yet been sold. Bonje with the municipality of Bronckhorst where they settled. And also hassle with the labor inspectorate about the participation of granddaughter Claire. Wrote about that Subway yesterday. Erica did not care about it.

Fresh courage and love

Yet in January they started recording again with fresh courage Chateau Meiland. Erica even dares to think about a new love for her and Martien Meiland. “Of course I would like it for Martien, and for myself too, if someone joins us and the family is expanded. But you have to bump into them in corona time. All pubs are closed, and we cannot be unrecognizable on a dating site. In principle, Martien and I will never get divorced. We have everything for private and business purposes fifty-fifty divided, so that is too much of a hassle. If things get serious with someone else, we will throw a big icing on the cake. ”

And Martien? In addition to the chateau, he also has to wear out his old cart. His new car has a ‘tailor-made’ number plate.

The new season of Chateau Meiland starts Monday at 8:30 pm on SBS6.

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Meiland family back to chateau? (and Erica sees a new love)


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