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Mel Gibson in hurricane down Movie

The main role is for agent Emile Hirsch (Into the wild), who is stationed in Puerto Rico after a traumatic blunder. He spends his time there, preferably at a desk. Only the approaching storm makes him sent back to the street, together with a new partner (Stephanie Cayo).

The two must, among other things, evacuate a couple of reluctant apartment dwellers, including a sick ex-detective (Gibson) and an elderly German with an expensive art collection. A gang of thieves anticipated this during hurricane violence. Quite appropriate, because it turns out to be predatory art anyway.

The gang members just didn’t count on so many people running around in the building. That means fighting in the lashing rain and playing puff-puff-poof in the long corridors. Throw in another hungry predatory cat, an extensive arsenal of weapons and an unlikely romance in the mix and the nonsensical nonsense splashes from the canvas. Badly conceived, played and directed. Poor Mel.

✭✩ (1.5 out of 5)


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